About Us All

We are a collective of music and film lovers who thought it may be nice to introduce our love affairs to the world. Working Rhythms is an off shoot of Working Brilliantly, LLC.

Jen E Fresh & Mellow Groove are the creators of the company and blog, and with a little help from their extremely talented friends, present The Peer Press - a collective of professionals from around the world who contribute reviews in a very direct, non-traditional format.  See bios of our Peer's below and click on the photos for more info on them:

The Linguist

Quantum dynamics tell us that all particles are everywhere at the same time. 
If it's music, if it's Los Angeles, if it really matters, then so does the Linguist. 
That vague and presumptuous enough for you?? No?? Just think of the places
we can go together, baby. 


The Filmmaker:

Live life on life's terms. One day at a time. Let's see what we   can discover.

The Baker:

Cupcake maker, star gazer, dance-a-holic, tequila lover just to name a few ~ and  endlessly curious of all that surrounds me.



          The Cartoonist:

He is a cartoonist from Montreal, training to better himself at The Center for  Cartoon Studies in White River Junction, Vermont. Check his comics and sketches out here: jaicartoons.blogspot.com

The Spiritualist:

Let labels not separate us, for we are one and the same.  All the puzzle pieces are different, but together create a beautiful mosaic.  It is our uniqueness that binds us together in the endless love of all that is.         


            The Philosopher:
             I think philosophy is the best thing since sliced bread! 
                And I like sliced bread.
                Mostly for sandwiches.  I like French bread too, though. 
                But not as much as  philosophy.  So... yeah. 
                Sliced bread, philosophy, THEN french bread.

Couchsurfing, globe trotting, baby whisperer and gentle birth worker. Favorite lyric "I can change the world with my own two hands" by Ben Harper
The DJ 

God is a DJ.  Never plays the same song twice.  Thus, neither will I.
Dave and Tara have shared 16 years together; 16 years, 1 apartment, 1 
house, 3 ½ college degrees, at least 4 darkrooms, 2 dogs, 1 cat, 2 sets 
of camera gear, and innumerable road trips.  And while we share a love 
of the road and a love for light, we do not share musical taste. The 
silence in our house (at least while the other is home) is broken only 
by NPR and the occasional Elvis Christmas Album. 
 "Lucas Celedon is a young musician and writer from the Los Feliz / 
Silverlake area. He enjoys staying physically active by surfing up and 
down the SoCal coast. He produces and writes music in his basement 
recording studio tentatively titled 'The Big Cheese Studios'".