Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello! Hello!
This is my new blog. I run it with my girlfriend Jenn. Admittedly,
I'm not much of a blog writer
but we are kicking off this beast none the less.
We are entrenched in music and film and often get the goods before you do.

The theme of this newest blog is High School. Don't ask me why - it just shaped up that way.

Really diggin' this 7" (Play the first track!)
It's by a guy who calls himself 'Oregon Bike Trails' - very mysterious.
His song has real basement beat pop potential - ‘High School Lover’ 7″

Father Daughter Records

Also, this cocky Brit who really makes me swell up.
I'm not ashamed to say that I am transported back to my prom when
I hear his love ballad "Bulletproof".
It's by the emotive Franco and the Dreadnought, check it!

Franco & the Dreadnought

This bluesy track from 'The Black Keys' makes me feel like I am about
to do something really naughty on a Saturday night.
I definitely would bump this in my home town... very loud.
It's called "Ten Cent Pistol"

All Right! Then there is the new album from 'Danger Mouse' called "Rome".
There is a sweet collab with Jack White called "Two Against One",
which has a certain texture of uneasiness that reminds me of high school....
It is a nice little production. Yeah, it's pretty good.

Now onto a beautiful weepy song by my dear friend Jeff Clay
who's new album "A First Time for Everything" just came out.
Brings me back to the power of that first kiss.

Jeff Clay's First Kiss song

Next up is a very nice yearning sort of song... perhaps for a life after graduation
that includes a nuclear family, picket fence... that sort of thing.
I like how this guy is reminecent of a mid-western Elliot Smith.
Check out Nathan Mathes new CD "Roselawn" for more beautiful tracks.

Nathan Mathes

Ahhh yes....

We end with a lusty little track from reggae superstar 'Trevor Hall' called "Fire".
This is the high school girl who tortured you with her selfish give and take love.
We've all been burned by her/him - (haven't we?) LOL

Trev's new album "Everything Everytime Everywhere" is out now. Grab it.

That is it folks. Thanks to all of you who took the time to listen and vibe out.

Till next round - Love