Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Peer Press on Boom Kinetic



This week we sent our press a couple great songs from the band, Boom Kinetic

Songs sent:

Love and Reason
Ordinary People

From Boom Kinetic's album - "Part Gray/Part Bright Light"


The Peer Press is in...
The Linguist
The lineage of the click-clack lead guitar phrase in "Love and Reason" can be traced, at least in electric rock, to Harry Nilsson's "One", through David Byrne's early work in lead phrasing, through faster tones of Andy Gill, wrapped up in package right to your door. Great guitar work by design facilitates our increased interest in a singable, strong hook. That's what you listen to pop music for, and the most success here is in the second, and final choruses ... The landscape of our instant culture has never been more accessible to the new paths of opportunity that only vision and insight can find. What vision and insight do Boom Kinetic want us to think they have?? The vocals wrap up shining, anthemic choruses ready for more to sing if they choose. The questions become -- with big hooks and clear vision, how far can they hustle, how far outward do they want to radiate from their center?? 

The Doula 
About the song "Ordinary People" -
Much more "mainstream" than "Love and Reason", and a song I could imagine being an "ordinary" single.  The beep beep boop boop introduction made me smirk.  The words "undiclosed recipient" made me stop actively listening as they repeated in my head, unable to hear the song for the next 15 seconds at least.  I appreciate songs with a catch that I could sing along to and with this I see myself driving though Santa Monica on a sunny day with my windows down.  I much prefer the musical postlude, where I envision ending a night by a lake only lit by the stars and the moon,  rather than the over done repeated lyrics from "Love and Reason. " 

The Spiritualist
Love and Reason is a groovy little ditty with a great hook, perfect for those long afternoons driving down the 405 fwy with the sun shining on your face and wind blowing thru your hair...  traffic, what traffic?

The DJ
Get me a snorkel, an avocado and some radio edits! 
Trust me, I've  launched power pop careers with less.


Find more out about Boom Kinetic and purchase their music here:

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

The Peer Press on Nathan Mathes



We sent our Peer Press 5 songs off of Nathan Mathes' album Roselawn.

Just As Long As I Got You
So It Goes
Until The Sun Comes Up
Tell Me How Much You Love Me 

We can't blame Steve Albini's 1990s interest in "warehourse reverb" for what's been reduced to a few clicks in intermediate ProTools. Here in the 21st, you empower yourself as a listener and a fan by understanding a few basics about how music can be created and recorded. Since most people use ProTools (of course there's nothing inherently wrong with ProTools, I use ProTools, it's a great program and the industry standard) it's common to have a few "filters" or "patches" enabled which make your song sound like big, warehousey, cold northern Chicago/Minneapolis/Winnipeg blue-sky dead-trees space. In layman's terms -- make them sound like Fleet Foxes. Every track has been judiciously hit with these effects, reducing tight guitar playing and 1964-65 throwback execution in songwriting to the background. Digital processing is supposed to heighten songcraft and production, not make mockery of it. "So It Goes"' hook is in a heavily processed piano phrase -- this is an example of what lovely digital effects, evoking cold clear skies of Winnipeg, are supposed to be used FOR. The final track, "Tell Me How Much You Love Me", strikes the listener as an exercise in palate-cleansing soundscapes -- I concur with The DJ. You need this brief pause of clarity ambience like sweet, cold ginger must follow spicy tuna. 


Preparing to listen through my earphones to the music of Nathan Mathes, I found the first of his tracks that oozed out, “Just As Long As I Got You”, had me sitting and rocking in tempo with my eyes shut.  Nathan's lyrical minimalism in no way makes this a front running A-side single (and I hope you are old enough to even know what that term means), but what I found that it did do, after having heard more music from him, is tell me what I was expecting: that Mr. Mathes was going to be about good music.  Nathan's music reminds me of a Nick Drake- great songs for music lovers who are fortunate enough to be introduced to it, perfect for that television ad that makes you forget the product being advertised when you try to tell your friend of that great track you heard in the background, and a well of music that I foresee many musicians in the future drawing inspiration from, much like what Nirvana did for the Meat Puppets on their MTV Unplugged performance. 

Must hear track: So It Goes.  Listen to it here:  So It Goes


One of these tunes was not like the others: Maybe that's why I liked  the last one best. 
Reminded me of Vincent Gallo.
Must Hear Track:  Tell Me How Much You Love Me

Soft whispers amongst haunting soundscapes... Nathan Mathes' voice rings true and drips
with love, romance, devotion, and joy.  A gem, perfect for an afternoon drive 
with the people you love. 

Must Hear Track: Just As Long As I Got You
The Doula
Overall Nathan has a soothing voice, his songs really seem to hit me as perfect for a soundtrack.  I am interested in hearing more from him and seeing where they take me.  

1.  Just as Long as I got you

Absolutely a song to be used on an indie film.  Only a few words but they are words that we all know so well.  It makes me think of the film "Falling Overnight" and it is one of those songs I would listen to on a day when I am in the dumps with hope in my heart.

2. Maybe We're in Love

Considering I am engaged and planning my wedding, this song is so sweet.  I am such a visual person, always going somewhere in the music.  The first place I went is an old house, swinging on a porch bench in the fall and seeing my future family flash in front of me jumping in crunchy leaves.  Maybe we will have this on our wedding playlist.  

3.  So it Goes

I do not have any feelings either way towards this song... The beginning could be one of the musical tunes on a holiday commercial.  I would let it play, but I would probably zone out through it.  That is not a bad thing, it is a good zoning song.  Some of the songs from "Garden State" make me zone out also, but I love the soundtrack.  Did you know there is an awesome woman in the Childbirth community that goes by the name "birthwithoutfear," her real name is January.

4. Until the Sun Comes Up

Another song I could see being in "Falling Overnight" oddly enough.  It certainly speaks to my sleep disorder as there are times all I want to do is drive "until the sun comes up."  

5.  Tell Me How Much You Love Me

I am not sure what just happened, but I am going to look for my glass and put it against the wall and see if can get more of it. 

Find Nathan Mathes and keep up to date on all his upcoming shows and releases here:




And don't forget to follow him on TWITTER and FACEBOOK

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Journey Into the Amazing World of The Tiger Shadow

Nearing the end of the last millennium while the east and west coasts
cultivated their respective pantheons of rap royalty, the musical
movement overseas was developing a very distinct take on the whole
genre. At the time, nothing held more creative promise than flowing over
an off kilter sample and banging drums.

Incredible bands like Massive Attack, Tricky and Portishead released
awe inspiring records with a much deeper, emotive quality. These
powerful songs leaked out of every back alley pub and hipster cocktail
party from London to San Jose. Then like Keyser Soze... the strength
of both movements seemed to disappear in the night.
Ten years later out of nowhere a group is now continuing this lineage
and pushing on in search of greater meaning and dynamic sound. Mix the
aforementioned bands with 2 parts dub step, a spooky pinch of The
Specials and one incredibly pensive MC and, Voila!... Tiger Shadow.

"If you're feeling this, rewind this" boasts West African MC Komla, and
we couldn't agree more. If you are a fan of true hip hop in its most
distilled essence, their new album The Adventures of the Tiger Shadow
should fill the musical void that was left ten years ago. It is a true
artistic statement in the sense of it's cinematic arch and its wonderful
ability to energize your mind, body and soul.
"Serene Trampoline" is a great little summertime track. One can't help
but bop along with the poppy bass line and Motown harmonies. "Abject
Happiness" is another standout with it's sensual 3rd world melody and
gritty rhymes, but the real gem here is "What Were They Thinking". Every
phrase is heavy handed with eloquently delivered raw wisdom, going
against every current rap trend by speaking about the over-sexualization
of our youth. The term 'conscious rap' doesn't even begin to describe
the goings on here. "The audience cant keep eating the same food. Too
much of one thing is not good" Komla explains in his hypnotic delivery.
He goes on to apologize for party pooping, but it is all to apparent
that if you are not 'vibing' the seriousness of the music... you are at
the wrong party.

With such a potent mix of lyrical content, beats, and bass - you would
be hard pressed to find another groups music that would fit in at both
the darkest, grittiest underground party as well as an elegant,
high-class soiree - and seem equally at home.  
Tiger Shadow is ready to pounce.  Be prepared.
Here is FREE download of the song, "Inner City", 
from a previous EP, "Stripe 2". 
If this song wets your chops, get ready for an amazing feast once  
The Adventures of the Tiger Shadow drops. Their new music is really, 
really awesome. It is being mastered now. 
Please check out Tiger Shadow for more info.
Support this artist and buy their music, HERE
Keep checking back for an update on a release date - 
we will be posting it on Twitter.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Down With Sean Cooney Before the Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine if you will... 

The love child of Rufus Wainwright and Katy Perry ran away from home, met up with T-Pain in Miami, moved to Brooklyn and laid down the most ridiculous party album known to man, “The Last Thing I Heard Before the Zombie Apocalypse”.

Sean Cooney is a very musically talented dude with a keen indie-pop sensibility that he lays on thick in almost every song. This definitely pays off. In the entertaining and campy "Party like a Kennedy" the lyrics are sung with mocking grace while in the silly “Susi Q”, written about an artist he is collaborating with on a claymation video, the seriousness is again skirted through the delivery. This lighthearted aspect is refreshing and adds to the entertaining quality of the entire LP.  The production on the album is excellent and we love that self-producing Cooney has the nerve to introduce himself on most of the tracks.

The strongest cuts off the album are the celebratory "Cali" and the groovy, down-tempo "Brooklyn".  The entire album is worthy of any late night, booty shaking, after hours soiree. All the songs are hooky and captivating,  but we can’t help but crave more stripped down moments from Cooney. They only crop up once in a while like in the beginning of "What I Like", where his vocal quality shines like a pop hungry Jason Mraz. Without all the glitz, 808's and fancy flourishes, we would be left with funky tracks that showcase Cooney’s great voice and pleasing melodies.

All in all, this album is a wonderful introduction to a gifted artist that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Or perhaps he is brilliantly commentating on the current state of pop culture in his own unique style. Either way, the album is a very fun listen. At times, we found ourselves laughing out loud.  Most definitely check it out and rock out to it on your next road trip or at your next raging party.

Download “Brooklyn” FREE – HERE

Connect with Sean – Sean’s Website & Facebook

And make sure to check back in a couple weeks for Sean's new claymation video!

Mellow Groove & Jenn-e-Fresh. Over and out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Videos that Rock, Pop, and end up on your Desktop

Dear ones,

These are newest and grooviest videos that have shown up on my desk here at Working Rhythms.

I will tell you exactly why they are "cool" - because I was able to sit down and watch all of them the whole way through without waning interest.

There is so much crap out there but the cream of the crop does rise to the top! You never eat no pig cause a pig is a --- just kidding

So seriousley now. Top of the list is this amazing animation from Carlos De Carvalho and the band Timber Timbre. It is an amazing collaboration between music and imagery. The talent in this video is unparalleled. Must watch this one... NOW!

Next up, this video from OK GO blows our minds everytime. Anyone up for a collab? LOL. Watch it!

This is a very powerful and interesting song from WOODKID who directed the video as well. The beat will rock your socks off.

And lastly, this vintage classic by THE MORNING BIRDS. Let the bass line move your spine.

That's that.

Mellow Groove. Over and out.

Get Cozy With Nathan Mathes!

Monday, September 19, 2011


Hello! Hello!
This is my new blog. I run it with my girlfriend Jenn. Admittedly,
I'm not much of a blog writer
but we are kicking off this beast none the less.
We are entrenched in music and film and often get the goods before you do.

The theme of this newest blog is High School. Don't ask me why - it just shaped up that way.

Really diggin' this 7" (Play the first track!)
It's by a guy who calls himself 'Oregon Bike Trails' - very mysterious.
His song has real basement beat pop potential - ‘High School Lover’ 7″

Father Daughter Records

Also, this cocky Brit who really makes me swell up.
I'm not ashamed to say that I am transported back to my prom when
I hear his love ballad "Bulletproof".
It's by the emotive Franco and the Dreadnought, check it!

Franco & the Dreadnought

This bluesy track from 'The Black Keys' makes me feel like I am about
to do something really naughty on a Saturday night.
I definitely would bump this in my home town... very loud.
It's called "Ten Cent Pistol"

All Right! Then there is the new album from 'Danger Mouse' called "Rome".
There is a sweet collab with Jack White called "Two Against One",
which has a certain texture of uneasiness that reminds me of high school....
It is a nice little production. Yeah, it's pretty good.

Now onto a beautiful weepy song by my dear friend Jeff Clay
who's new album "A First Time for Everything" just came out.
Brings me back to the power of that first kiss.

Jeff Clay's First Kiss song

Next up is a very nice yearning sort of song... perhaps for a life after graduation
that includes a nuclear family, picket fence... that sort of thing.
I like how this guy is reminecent of a mid-western Elliot Smith.
Check out Nathan Mathes new CD "Roselawn" for more beautiful tracks.

Nathan Mathes

Ahhh yes....

We end with a lusty little track from reggae superstar 'Trevor Hall' called "Fire".
This is the high school girl who tortured you with her selfish give and take love.
We've all been burned by her/him - (haven't we?) LOL

Trev's new album "Everything Everytime Everywhere" is out now. Grab it.

That is it folks. Thanks to all of you who took the time to listen and vibe out.

Till next round - Love

Sunday, August 21, 2011


Fill your cerebral vortex with these mellow songs from bands we love...  and remember to always be gentle to your mind.

Lullaby by David Markus

Summer by Debbie Miller

Be Gentle To Your Mind by The Morning Birds

All I Can Do by Trevor Hall