Saturday, April 14, 2012

Francis Bowie gives us a Sunny Day


Francis Bowie's self titled EP is a strange trip into the Danish pop world steeped in brilliantly crafted 80's glam rock with a modern twist.  Though it becomes apparent Francis' last name is his biggest influence, this collection of songs is strikingly original and well executed from start to finish.
The real star here is the track "Sunny Day" which is accompanied by an excellent music video (See Below) which is a celebration of life and love in streets of Denmark. The song itself is brimming with big bright production and is set in a great key for Francis to playfully bounce around in. He delivers a fabulous vocal that soars into the elated chorus and makes you feel like you are at the party enjoying the sunshine.  Very catchy stuff.

Another gem is the opener "Endlessly" which bops out of the speakers like a mash up between Boy George and Prince.  A groovy love song which has a sort of surprising innocence, delivered in a rich vocal reminiscent of Jack from "Nightmare Before Christmas" - a phenomenal score.  Not surprising, being that Danny Elfman of Oingo Boingo is the composer and there are definitely elements of said band in Francis' music. 

The ending track "Silly and Crazy" is a curious song filled with a type of lusty desire and a slow, dragging 808 beat leading into a chorus that will get you jumping on the dance floor.

Visit Francis Bowie's site and check out more of his music and some really great paintings

Check out his video for "Sunny Day" and join the party!


Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Peer Press on Bethesda

This week we sent our Peer Press Bethesda's EP Dreamtiger & Other Tails.

Read all about it below:


Poetry this deep can never fail. That said, I'd also like the option of enjoying the instrumental versions. Angular, energetic rock rhythms. Recommend: 1 and 4.

Bethesda is an ethereal band with a female vocalist. Her voice has a nice opera-like vibrato. Humble motifs bubble out at a steady pace. The lyrics are unassuming and natural but the music has a cool indie gloom about it. I like how they find ways to incorporate fiddle and banjo into certain songs. It sets their sound apart from most indie bands. Really nice!

Clever and poetic, The Dreamtiger EP is full of accessible indie goodness. Original sounding vocals give me a much welcomed relief from the plethora of sound alike, trained female vocals you find every time you press play. Oh thank heavens for you, girl! Get dreamy with it. Oh, and great album art never hurts.


Check out Bethesda

Buy Dreamtiger by clicking the photo below:

Videos Going Viral - Conceit "Take My Pain Away"

 During a time when hip hop has either gotten to preachy or much too ignorant, Conceit has the ability to mix all that’s good with all that’s hood. 

Stunning work of passion, vision and understanding. This is and example of how powerful a tool Hip Hop can be in the hands of a true conscious artist. Everyone should open their eyes, watch "Take My Pain Away" and feel their humanity.   Find out more about Conceit HERE!

Videos Going Viral - Fire On McGinnis "Bedlam Boys"

With a totally unique sound that mixes the appeal of rock with the woodiness of Irish and Celtic music, Fire On McGinnis can only be described as a “head-banging, bagpipe playing live celebration.”

Balloons and Skeletons in bright animated glory.  "Bedlam Boys" by Fire On McGinnis is a rambunctious and bone shaking trip that's unique changes and marching rhythm makes for a fun, contagious visual and oratory feast!   Check out the video below and find out more about these boys HERE.