Monday, October 17, 2011

Get Down With Sean Cooney Before the Zombie Apocalypse

Imagine if you will... 

The love child of Rufus Wainwright and Katy Perry ran away from home, met up with T-Pain in Miami, moved to Brooklyn and laid down the most ridiculous party album known to man, “The Last Thing I Heard Before the Zombie Apocalypse”.

Sean Cooney is a very musically talented dude with a keen indie-pop sensibility that he lays on thick in almost every song. This definitely pays off. In the entertaining and campy "Party like a Kennedy" the lyrics are sung with mocking grace while in the silly “Susi Q”, written about an artist he is collaborating with on a claymation video, the seriousness is again skirted through the delivery. This lighthearted aspect is refreshing and adds to the entertaining quality of the entire LP.  The production on the album is excellent and we love that self-producing Cooney has the nerve to introduce himself on most of the tracks.

The strongest cuts off the album are the celebratory "Cali" and the groovy, down-tempo "Brooklyn".  The entire album is worthy of any late night, booty shaking, after hours soiree. All the songs are hooky and captivating,  but we can’t help but crave more stripped down moments from Cooney. They only crop up once in a while like in the beginning of "What I Like", where his vocal quality shines like a pop hungry Jason Mraz. Without all the glitz, 808's and fancy flourishes, we would be left with funky tracks that showcase Cooney’s great voice and pleasing melodies.

All in all, this album is a wonderful introduction to a gifted artist that doesn’t take himself too seriously. Or perhaps he is brilliantly commentating on the current state of pop culture in his own unique style. Either way, the album is a very fun listen. At times, we found ourselves laughing out loud.  Most definitely check it out and rock out to it on your next road trip or at your next raging party.

Download “Brooklyn” FREE – HERE

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And make sure to check back in a couple weeks for Sean's new claymation video!

Mellow Groove & Jenn-e-Fresh. Over and out.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Videos that Rock, Pop, and end up on your Desktop

Dear ones,

These are newest and grooviest videos that have shown up on my desk here at Working Rhythms.

I will tell you exactly why they are "cool" - because I was able to sit down and watch all of them the whole way through without waning interest.

There is so much crap out there but the cream of the crop does rise to the top! You never eat no pig cause a pig is a --- just kidding

So seriousley now. Top of the list is this amazing animation from Carlos De Carvalho and the band Timber Timbre. It is an amazing collaboration between music and imagery. The talent in this video is unparalleled. Must watch this one... NOW!

Next up, this video from OK GO blows our minds everytime. Anyone up for a collab? LOL. Watch it!

This is a very powerful and interesting song from WOODKID who directed the video as well. The beat will rock your socks off.

And lastly, this vintage classic by THE MORNING BIRDS. Let the bass line move your spine.

That's that.

Mellow Groove. Over and out.

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