Monday, February 27, 2012

Doug Prescott's The Journey & the Deep Blue Sea plays like a meeting between 
Boz Scaggs and Jimmy Buffet.  
While the bulk of the material leans heavily on 70's rock, Americana and funk, 
(similar to a soundtrack from a 1980's Whoopie Goldberg thriller) there are some 
very sweet tracks here that hit the spot. The production throughout the album is 
on point, if not a little too sterilized. Doug and his players come 
off as being super seasoned musicians, but I would love to hear a little more 
character and off kilter style. 
To these ears, it would interject more of his personality.  The lyrical content 
is definitely a testament to his character and makes the listening fun.
Songs like "Oh Maggie" shine with soulful horns and earthy changes, 
conjuring up the great Van Morrison. Another standout is "Hideaway", rich with 
a rootsy gospel vibe, weeping slide guitar and group harmonies. The groove and 
melody of "Silence Speaks Volumes" is the most interesting and unique of all the 
songs, takinginfluence from reggae then leading you into an excellent change 
into a minor key chorus, reminiscent of The Animals.
The Journey & the Deep Blue Sea is definitely a great soundtrack for your next 
road trip across the great Homeland of the American Mid-West.  Keep a look out 
for Doug and his band as they spread their
gospel of truth, integrity, and above all, having a good time. 

-  Jenn-e-Fresh, Working Rhythms



Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Peer Press on Dale Turner

We sent our Press Dale Turner's MANNERISMS MAGNIFIED
Read all about it below:
Listening to the Album Preview for Mannerisms Magnified was like - Glee+Cake+The Refreshments+Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody)
"Brian on the Brain" ... I see sweaters.  
I would say from the Album my favorite would be "Five Things" Imagine a single mom, home on the weekend taking a bubble and having a glass of wine... then Sunday night rolls around and all her sweet babies come home and her life is complete again. 
Connect with Dale HERE

The Peer Press on Ghost to Falco

We sent our Peer Press some songs off Ghost to Falco's Exotic Believers
the solo project of songwriter Eric Crespo.

Read all about it below

"Train-of-thought composition style coupled with a potpourri of instruments builds the sound that is Ghost to Falco.
It's a fresh, out there sound that abandons conventional songwriting and haunts the imagination."

Excellent art house rock from Portland's finest.  Though not appropriate for every occasion, Ghost to Falco delves into the depths of avant garde and delivers in the best of ways.  "Secrets of the Free" is Bright Eyes exponentialized.  If you dig a unique raw sound, give this a spin.



Buy the album by clicking photo below.

Fidlar - LA Weekly band to watch 2012

FIDLAR (pronounced fid – LAR) has been around only a couple years in the LA scene, but they were recently named the #1 band to watch in 2012 by LA Weekly.  They are a group of 4 guys in their early 20’s that are based in Southern California with a raw punk sound coupled with equally raw and sometimes funny lyrics creating a feeling of teenage rebellion and uninhibited fun.   FIDLAR’s music sounds fresh at a time when electronics have started to take over the music scene.  After all, the name FIDLAR is an acronym that stands for “F*** It Dog, Life’s A Risk”. 

FIDLAR’s first shows were at house parties around LA and they fit that environment perfectly. Their shows are high energy and sweaty and there's is a good chance a mosh pit will form around you if your not careful.  Their songs tend to be short and catchy but the attitude the band exudes is what really sticks after the show is over. FIDLAR is a band that I’m excited about, and I’m equally excited to see what the future holds for them. 
The Natural, signing off...
Get their free song "Max Can't Surf"  HERE

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drunk Souls "Revolution"

Drunk Souls Revolution is an bouncing blend of ska twang, world rhythms and drum & bass. The kind of soundtrack fitting for a hotel poolside party. You know, the kind where people waltz around the tiki torches in white linen holding colorful drinks, happy to be alive and surrounded by the frenzy.

Ghostly organs hover around chunky guitars while the rhythm section holds steady with the delicate singer. Blending spoken word, rap, and some great vocal performances they create a unique sound that blurs the lines of genres and leads you into their world.  The Souls are drawing from a deep well of reggae and dub and mashing it up with dance and french pop to bring their signature sound.

They do an excellent job of getting charged up on tracks like "Sullivans Story" and really shine on The Gorillaz like "Drifter Song".  The band invokes the likes of Manu Chao and a bit of old school Specials, but they are definitely carving out their own niche.  As far as the lyrical content is concerned, they stand on their own feet, very clearly speaking their truth without any compromise.  This is not a very common feat for musicians attempting to break into the main stream, and one of the primary reasons we really vibe them.  They definitely have a shot on accomplishing this and more.

You can download "Drifter Song" at the link below:

Drifter Song Download

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Visit their cool & creative site HERE.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Autumn Electric "If You're Home"

We got this album in the mail last fall and listened contently as we drove around the control roads of Idyllwild watching the leaves change. I was immediately struck by the homespun cover as it was eerily reminiscent of The Morning Birds first album Inspiration point

It went around a few times in the old disk changer as we picked up on some remarkably sweet spots... usually when the low-fi rockiness settled and the emotive vocals and harmonies had room to blossom. All three musicians have a lot of character and though the lead singers voice conjures up Bright Eyes, the sound still remains mysterious and original.

Take a listen to this lovely track which features the deliciously cinematic lyric "we used to meet on the street with cowboy hats and flannel shirts"

Another extremely pretty track with an excellent bridge set off by a ghostly melodica which guides it's inspired changes.

Follow Autumn Electric and keep up to date on their new release, Make Me A Tree, coming soon.

Sweet dreams folks!  Till next time...

Mellow Groove - over and out.