Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Slim Loris, Down to Earth


Slim Loris' Down to Earth creeps up on you like a late night winter frost. Haunting piano arrangements descend upon the sparse recordings as the lead singer warms the atmosphere with his heartfelt words. these Swedes play a sobering blend of piano pop and melancholy British rock that welcomes you into its wistful spirit with touching and achingly emotional songs.
Some nice subtle dynamics show themselves after a few spins and there is very nice writing, singing and playing throughout.  I like the Beatles like "Low" with it's jangly melody and sweet vocals and the stripped down "Did I Ever".  My favorite track is "Break Even or Lose" with an organ drenched breakdown reminiscent of a 60's rock song with harmonies to boot.  The Sweet Loris crew is definitely giving it their all and obviously have a lot to give. The band has the potential to knock you on your bootstraps with both gusto and grace. This is something that comes hand and hand with discovering your true artistic voice.

Slim Loris reminds me of the wonderfully downtrodin' band Blue Merle, and are close to finding that powerful interjection of color and life that can turn emotional folk rock into a transcendent musical experience. You can see glimpses of this on "Light Come Shining". They have a tremendous amount of positive things going for them in terms of their style, substance and presentation and if this release is a sign of things to come... I certainly expect great things. 
For fans of great folk rock, give Slim Loris' Down to Earth a spin.

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