Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Rooftop Runners, We Are Here

Rooftop Runners EP We Are Here is bubbling with a deep, hypnotic chemistry. As if 
Led Zeppelin and Massive Attack went binging on Radio Head B Sides. There 
is blinding mix of warm acoustics and house shaking electro beats. 
It is dark & haunting - penetrating rock backed with trip hop drum & bass. 
The lead singer comes off as a funky 
Jack White, whipping his rock star croon around like he is taming some kind 
of wild musical lion. I believe his sincerity, even when the musical stack 
behind him doesn't carry the exact same ferocity. It has a peddling quality which
moves the tunes along at a droning speed. 

This is indeed a very good outing for the Runners and it is obvious that they have a very 
clear idea of the sound they are after. The bluesy electric guitar work against 
the pulsating electrons is a welcomed bit of innovation and something they should 
definitely cultivate more of.  The air of rock & roll coolness around them reminds me of 
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club but it is clear these boys have no intention of 
rehashing a fuzzed out Johnny Cash ballad... They are here to do their own thing.

Someone needs to come along and turn the dull indie rock scene on its head. It's been 
years since we have been able to bite into something as spicy as 
Massive Attack. The same formula is not going to work twice. The ante needs to 
be upped and I would be willing to bet the Rooftop Runners have a pretty good
idea about conquering the big sleep. Let's hope they turn up their 
guitars for the full length and shock us all with an incredibly powerful and 
dynamic record.

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And check out the video below - where you can download the song "Streets" for free!

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