Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Raheem Cohen by The Natural

Raheem Cohen is an up-and-coming band in the Silverlake/Echo Park area of Los Angeles. Three of the five members are brothers and have been playing music together since childhood.  In their area, they represent a band that connects many groups of people. For some, going to a Raheem Cohen show is a mini reunion of friends that know each other through the band.

Their songs will typically have a strong back beat and an emotional vocal performance. The guitars are soaked in reverb, the drums are loud and the bass is consistently groovy. To me, their style would be most easily described as a funk version of the Strokes.

Raheem Cohen is a feel-good band but they have an intensity about them that is special.  I highly recommend you check these youngsters out.  Expect a National tour this summer.

Check out their EP, Lunch-Box at Raheem Cohen's Bandcamp by clicking the photo above.

- The Natural, Lucas Celedon

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