Monday, March 5, 2012

Mike Moss, Cold World Plastic Dream

Mike Moss's Cold World Plastic Dream is filled with a sweeping universal appreciation, pairing pulsating ballads with images of nature and being-ness. When the electric guitars kick in, U2 comes to mind, but Mike's delivery is honest and genuine without any sort of rock star pretense.

There is a soaring quality to songs like "Morning Call" when Moss allows his voice to tenderly break into falsetto. Other tracks like "Be The Way" have a welcomed intimate, unplugged vibe sounding like a late night lullaby sung to a silently enthrawled crowed in a distant pub somewhere across the sea. "Drifter" is another standout with a lovely 'wind at your back' feel, with Moss emotively voicing his lyrics like a dust bowl David Bowie.

There is a cool electronic edge to the album which separates it from Moss's singer/songwriter counterparts. The best songs on the album delicately weave natural acoustics with digital beats. The most interesting one being "It's Time", whose rapturing melody is complimented by buzzing synths, piano arpeggios and a groovy bass line. This song would sit well at the end of a film, especially a touching biop of a man who has found his truth.

Great tracks aside, the most powerful thing about the music seems to be the warm way Moss voices his connection to the natural world. When he eloquently songs "light pores through my window over the land and kisses the sky" we can glimpse into his deep appreciation and love for life.

Well done Mike.

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