Friday, February 17, 2012

Autumn Electric "If You're Home"

We got this album in the mail last fall and listened contently as we drove around the control roads of Idyllwild watching the leaves change. I was immediately struck by the homespun cover as it was eerily reminiscent of The Morning Birds first album Inspiration point

It went around a few times in the old disk changer as we picked up on some remarkably sweet spots... usually when the low-fi rockiness settled and the emotive vocals and harmonies had room to blossom. All three musicians have a lot of character and though the lead singers voice conjures up Bright Eyes, the sound still remains mysterious and original.

Take a listen to this lovely track which features the deliciously cinematic lyric "we used to meet on the street with cowboy hats and flannel shirts"

Another extremely pretty track with an excellent bridge set off by a ghostly melodica which guides it's inspired changes.

Follow Autumn Electric and keep up to date on their new release, Make Me A Tree, coming soon.

Sweet dreams folks!  Till next time...

Mellow Groove - over and out.

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