Saturday, February 18, 2012

Drunk Souls "Revolution"

Drunk Souls Revolution is an bouncing blend of ska twang, world rhythms and drum & bass. The kind of soundtrack fitting for a hotel poolside party. You know, the kind where people waltz around the tiki torches in white linen holding colorful drinks, happy to be alive and surrounded by the frenzy.

Ghostly organs hover around chunky guitars while the rhythm section holds steady with the delicate singer. Blending spoken word, rap, and some great vocal performances they create a unique sound that blurs the lines of genres and leads you into their world.  The Souls are drawing from a deep well of reggae and dub and mashing it up with dance and french pop to bring their signature sound.

They do an excellent job of getting charged up on tracks like "Sullivans Story" and really shine on The Gorillaz like "Drifter Song".  The band invokes the likes of Manu Chao and a bit of old school Specials, but they are definitely carving out their own niche.  As far as the lyrical content is concerned, they stand on their own feet, very clearly speaking their truth without any compromise.  This is not a very common feat for musicians attempting to break into the main stream, and one of the primary reasons we really vibe them.  They definitely have a shot on accomplishing this and more.

You can download "Drifter Song" at the link below:

Drifter Song Download

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