Sunday, February 19, 2012

Fidlar - LA Weekly band to watch 2012

FIDLAR (pronounced fid – LAR) has been around only a couple years in the LA scene, but they were recently named the #1 band to watch in 2012 by LA Weekly.  They are a group of 4 guys in their early 20’s that are based in Southern California with a raw punk sound coupled with equally raw and sometimes funny lyrics creating a feeling of teenage rebellion and uninhibited fun.   FIDLAR’s music sounds fresh at a time when electronics have started to take over the music scene.  After all, the name FIDLAR is an acronym that stands for “F*** It Dog, Life’s A Risk”. 

FIDLAR’s first shows were at house parties around LA and they fit that environment perfectly. Their shows are high energy and sweaty and there's is a good chance a mosh pit will form around you if your not careful.  Their songs tend to be short and catchy but the attitude the band exudes is what really sticks after the show is over. FIDLAR is a band that I’m excited about, and I’m equally excited to see what the future holds for them. 
The Natural, signing off...
Get their free song "Max Can't Surf"  HERE

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