Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Peer Press on Babysun

We sent our Peer Press the EP, 13, from the band Babysun.  



Read all about it below:

My favorite songs are those where the music lets me really hear the lyrics. These songs from Babysun found me leaning into the speakers straining for the words.  The consistent rhythms in "One Big Everything", "Mid Air", and "What Comes of Life" push the melody forward, forcing me to focus on the layering of sounds and the mood of each song.
These atmospheric and mellow songs (with the exception of the up-beat song Satellite) conjured up images of a sixties peace-in. The lyrics and the global influences resonate with a Woodstock vibe. 

"I enjoy living life, floating through air but then suddenly I visit one big satellite and crash."
I enjoyed Babysuns EP "13."  Great match up with voice and instrumentals that one could play while sprawled out on the floor in sweet nostalgia as they sort and embrace photos of years past, possibly sipping a glass of wine or hot cocoa, even better on a day when the sky is grey and rain is providing a background beat.  Your reminiscing over your childhood and relationships probably brings a tear to your eye and the music just fills in your soul... and then Satellite literally jolts on to your music player and you are transported to a crazy high school party or perhaps an acid trip if you played that way  In the future I would probably listen to the entire EP again and skip Satellite, unless of course I was preparing for a marathon, driving down PCH with all my windows down or practicing my emo rave moves.  Has anyone seen my glow sticks?  It shook me up after I had been in a calm zone from the other tunes.


The standout track for me here is "One Big Everything".  Beautiful music, impactful lyrical content, and a resounding message of hope and peace.  What else should music be used for but to bring hope and love to us all...  


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