Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Victory Garden - Whats Left Behind

Crown Point Indiana is home to the acoustic experimenters Victory Garden. Formed in 2005 by Michael Finney who plays a variety of electro/acoustic instruments and sings gritty, straight forward melodies that come off as both unique and powerful. Their newest offering Whats Left Behind reveals a strong, creative musicality and evolving dynamics.

The record starts with the bouncing Appalachian instrumentation of "As a Ghost". This wonderful hybrid of rock and folk continues through the album with a flavor of 90's grunge and Gothic whispers sprinkled in. The subject matter is of the broken hearted nature, though there is an transcendent quality to a good deal of songs. The Midwestern poetry is visceral and astute while walking a thin line between the highly personal and the esoteric.

There are some lucid Sigur Ros synth changes on the cinematic track "Tides" and some cut throat Modest Mouse cynicism on "Snake Charmer". The charged up riffs and guitar lines are all on point, executed with laser precision and taste while the vocals mix punk rock delivery with melodic changes and harmonies.

Victory Garden has shown itself to be a cream of the crop indie band with a very defined and interesting sound. The overall feel is fresh and definitely well worth checking out. Support this artist by clicking the album cover and purchasing the music.

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