Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Peer Press on Boom Kinetic



This week we sent our press a couple great songs from the band, Boom Kinetic

Songs sent:

Love and Reason
Ordinary People

From Boom Kinetic's album - "Part Gray/Part Bright Light"


The Peer Press is in...
The Linguist
The lineage of the click-clack lead guitar phrase in "Love and Reason" can be traced, at least in electric rock, to Harry Nilsson's "One", through David Byrne's early work in lead phrasing, through faster tones of Andy Gill, wrapped up in package right to your door. Great guitar work by design facilitates our increased interest in a singable, strong hook. That's what you listen to pop music for, and the most success here is in the second, and final choruses ... The landscape of our instant culture has never been more accessible to the new paths of opportunity that only vision and insight can find. What vision and insight do Boom Kinetic want us to think they have?? The vocals wrap up shining, anthemic choruses ready for more to sing if they choose. The questions become -- with big hooks and clear vision, how far can they hustle, how far outward do they want to radiate from their center?? 

The Doula 
About the song "Ordinary People" -
Much more "mainstream" than "Love and Reason", and a song I could imagine being an "ordinary" single.  The beep beep boop boop introduction made me smirk.  The words "undiclosed recipient" made me stop actively listening as they repeated in my head, unable to hear the song for the next 15 seconds at least.  I appreciate songs with a catch that I could sing along to and with this I see myself driving though Santa Monica on a sunny day with my windows down.  I much prefer the musical postlude, where I envision ending a night by a lake only lit by the stars and the moon,  rather than the over done repeated lyrics from "Love and Reason. " 

The Spiritualist
Love and Reason is a groovy little ditty with a great hook, perfect for those long afternoons driving down the 405 fwy with the sun shining on your face and wind blowing thru your hair...  traffic, what traffic?

The DJ
Get me a snorkel, an avocado and some radio edits! 
Trust me, I've  launched power pop careers with less.


Find more out about Boom Kinetic and purchase their music here: